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11 Plus at Better Grades

Our specialist tutors provide tuition in Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics.

Apart from subject matter, revision and exam techniques, time management and memory skills are also taught. The latest and most stimulating material from well known publishers are used during tutorials, as well as our own specially created resources (11 Plus Drills).

It is recommended that pupils start preparing for the 11 plus a year before (year 5) but this may be reduced for more able pupils. If you are unsure whether your child needs extra tuition, contact us for an assessment and one of our tutors will be able to provide basic feedback after the assessment. The results will be analysed further and a formal education plan drafted if you wish to enrol with us. This will address the child’s skills and weaknesses and the tutor will also be able to advice on the frequency and subject matter of future lessons.

All materials are provided during tutorials and homework will be set at appropriate intervals- normally on a weekly basis.

As a general rule for passing the 11 plus pupils should be working at a good Level 5 National Curriculum standard and be achieving 80-85% in their mock papers. This is only an estimate and may vary from year to year.

11 Plus Summer Lessons In Halifax and Bradford

Better Grades Tutors always run 11+ summer lessons over the entire 6 weeks summer holidays. This allows you to plan your holidays flexibly. However, we recommend that your child attends a minimum 4 weeks’ worth of lessons in Maths and (or) Verbal Reasoning.

CONTENT: Intensive courses in Verbal Reasoning and 11plus Maths.  The courses will be taught by one of our fully trained expert 11+ tutors.

The courses run for 1 and a half hours a day on Tuesday (maths) and Wednesday (Verbal Reasoning), from 6:20pm – 7:50pm

The courses will take place from the first Monday of August.

Yorkshire 11 Plus

The New Schools Admissions Code, by law from 2012, due to take effect for admissions for Entry in September 2012, states that schools must take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for applications on October 31st 2015.

There are three Local Authorities in Yorkshire with Grammar Schools within their boundaries: Calderdale (two grammar schools), Kirklees (one grammar school) and North Yorkshire (three grammar schools).

Both schools are mixed and have 155 places each in Year 7. Places at both schools are allocated in the same way. The tests consists of Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, and Extended writing test 75% of the places (at least 116) at each school are then allocated to the pupils achieving the highest aggregate scores of the Verbal reasoning and Maths tests. The remaining 25% (about 39) of places are allocated based on the aggregate score of all three tests. The English test will only be taken into consideration for the 25% of places.

Our 11 Plus Mock Exams are just like the real exam!

Mock Test Days give your child the chance to perfect exam technique and overcome exam day nerves before the big day! 

Our professionally prepared 11 plus mock exams mirror those set by major examining bodies such as GL.

The subjects you need to prepare will vary by school you are applying to, for North Halifax Grammar and Crossley Heath mathematics coupled with verbal reasoning  will be tested. 

  • Open to anyone who is starting year 6 in Sept 2019 and who would like to sit 11+ mock test papers in exam conditions.

  • Better Grades has years of experience running successful 11+ Mock Test Days.

  • The test papers are ordered from Established 11 Plus Exam Publishers.

  • When: December to September

  • Subjects: Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English(3 months before the exam)

  • Receive feedback on how your child's results compare to results from students locally. Test papers will be marked and available to review within 7 days

"...the mock test days helped build up my Paul's confidence, exam technique and time management." 2011 Parent

Our 11 plus Mock Exams & Mock Exam Review Dates

 We are happy to announce that this years 11+ Mock Exams will be start on Saturday 23st of May until the 15th of September.

Date Availability
23 May 2019 AVAILABLE
20 June 2019 AVAILABLE
18 July 2019 AVAILABLE
15 August  2019 AVAILABLE

Don't forget our exams fees include a maximum 7 day feedback day where the papers are reviewed and key questions are analysed.

11 Plus Mock Exams conditions

These exams will be held at Better Grades, Queensbury, Bradford, Bd13 2PA.

The exam will last for approximately 2 hours and the subjects we will cover are Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics writing and extended

The exams will be invigilated by our CRB qualified staff and all children will be provided with drinks and a light bite between exams. The mock exams are deliberately set at a level which we know will challenge even the most able children and the mock exams themselves are the only real way to prepare for the real exams.

After the exams, the children’s results will be posted back to parents electronically within 7 working days of the exam(for inhouse students the results should be ready at the end of the next lesson ).

** All our Mock exams are unique on each exam date. So you may book more than one date with the confidence that you child will not have seen the exam before. **

Benefits of a mock exam

It is worth remembering that only one in ten grammar school applications is successful. 

11 Plus Mock exams are essential for students wishing to apply to:      

  • The Crossley Heath School
  • The North Halifax Grammar
  • Heckmondwike Grammar School

We will offer children the experience of simulated Grammar School exam conditions.  With our own children we discovered that often children can become very uncomfortable with the prospect of sitting an examination in a room filled with strangers and this can frequently result in some distress or worry.  By sitting a number of Mock Exams children are able to become familiar with the examination setting, therefore worry and distress are reduced.

Your child will be tested against other children and you will be able to accurately judge how well their preparation is going compared with the other children intending to sit the 11 Plus exam.  It has been proven that Mock Exams can provide an extremely accurate indication of the final exam positioning and multiple Mock Exams over time will allow a parent to track their child’s progress.

  • Conducted under exam conditions comparable to the actual exams
  • Expertly prepared and correctly organised
  • Provide individual reports containing your child's detailed scores, correct answers
  • Open to all students in the area
  • Students come to us from many tutors in the surrounding area, thus giving a fair understanding of your tutor’s performance.
  • Our exams are of the highest quality and used by many private tutors and independent preparatory schools.
  • CRB Qualified staff
  • Refreshments are provided.
  • Attendance at a mock examination builds student confidence

Mock 11 Plus Exam Agenda

Registration 9:45
Verbal Reasoning 10:00 - 10:30
Break 10:50 - 11:00
Maths 11:00 - 11:30
English/td> 11:35 - 12:35

Better Grades Tutoring Centre, 86 High Street, Queensbury, BD13 2PA