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The importance of GCSE's

The volume of work faced by students once they start their GCSEs is extensive, and so organisation and exam preparation are essential. We help students focus on a number of important revision strategies as well as providing exam materials and techniques that will help them answer GCSE exam questions clearly and concisely.

GCSE Maths

Our personalised private maths tuition can be invaluable at GCSE level as students are increasingly feeling the pressure to achieve top grades. At the same time, the exams have become more difficult since the curriculum was updated as part of the new 9-1 grading system.

GCSE English

Our network of tutors are well-versed in tutoring students at GCSE level and ensuring they succeed and achieve the best grades through study, exam and study techniques and persistence. We also help students strengthen areas in which they are less confident. Our tutors are fully up-to- speed with the new GCSE (9-1) English Language and English Literature syllabuses.

GCSE Sciences - Biology - Chemistry - Physics

Our GCSE level tutors are fully qualified to provide a student an invaluable service at such a key stage in their education. The importance placed upon the 2 years during a student’s GCSEs cannot be denied. GCSEs hold the key to unlock the next level of education or professionalism. Since it is probably the first time a student will be under this amount of pressure, it can cause a student distress and lead to a distraction in their learning environment. Our tutors can help to reduce this anxiety and ensure confident learning takes place.