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About us

Better Grades believes it is important for children to achieve a solid foundation in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science . With Better Grades, each child receives an individualised study programme that is tailored to meet their needs. It is also designed to help the student master the subjects and ingrain life-long learning skills.

The Better Grades Maths Curriculum

The Maths curriculum is a programme which with our unique educational approach, leads students from the very basics of Maths to the mastery of algebra, shapes and space, number and handling data.

The Better Grades English Curriculum

The English curriculum has two key learning objectives: to develop each student’s ability to read, write and understand a wide variety of language, to nurture in each student a life-long habit of reading for both education and enjoyment. It is our experience that achieving these objectives will make the biggest contribution to success at school and at work. This is why we focus so strongly on developing fundamental knowledge and skills.

Levels of Study

We currently offer the following levels of study: A2 and AS GCSE 11+ and common Entrance Exams Primary and Pre-GCSE Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties

A2 and AS

Experienced A-level tutors are available for all subjects. Working with past papers from the relevant exam boards, tutors focus on exam technique, study skills and any areas of the syllabus that require specific support. Another vital role of the tutor is building and maintaining students' confidence, thereby enabling them to realise their full potential. A particular strength of many of our tutors is grade improvement to gain access to a chosen university.


Reinforcement of the syllabus is a vital contribution to any GCSE student and when this is combined with practical and detailed support with coursework, revision and exam technique, improvement in performance is virtually guaranteed. Our tutors are skilled at assessing students' ability and targeting those areas that would most benefit from support.

11+ and Common Entrance Exams

Our tutors are available who specialise in these exams. We have extensive knowledge and experience of local schools' specific entrance requirements and are to offer effective focused teaching.

Primary and Pre-GCSE

Younger students can benefit from tuition, either targeting one subject or both core subjects. SATS results can be significantly improved and confidence increased, which can lead to improved performance in the classroom.

Dyslexia and LearningDifficulties

We are able to arrange tuition with tutors who have experience supporting students with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. They are skilled at assessing and planning programmes of tuition that allows students to succeed, thereby building confidence and improving self-esteem.